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Màrius Roch i Izard, criminal defence attorney, based in Barcelona, Spain.

I’m an established criminal lawyer who provides legal advice at competitive rates to corporate, commercial and private clients regarding to criminal law, and defends them from initial arrest by police to any subsequent appearance before any Spanish criminal court.

I am dedicated and committed to provide quality services to my clients, based on confidence and absolute discretion, concerning a wide range of criminal offences, traffic accidents or any lawsuit in which they may have become involved, for whatever the reason.

I will be pleased to provide you my legal advice in English, as I usually do with other clients from many Anglophone countries.

If you have been arrested for Drunk Driving ( DWI or DUI ) you need the legal advice and assistance of an experienced lawyer in Barcelona. Drunk Driving laws have changed dramatically in the recent years in Spain: You may face potential jail time and driver’s license suspension. The same goes for many other criminal offences: fraud, drugs dealing, domestic violence, injuries, etc. You need the advice of an experienced lawyer, to deal effectively with any of those matters. CALL US TODAY OR SEND US AN EMAIL TO SCHEDULE YOUR FREE CONSULTATION.

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